The dome in the desert

Inspired by Paolo Soleri’s Dome-House in Cave Creek, Arizona, this visualization project is focused on the relation between the terrestrial and the celestial, between the earth and the heavens. The concept is explored on multiple levels; in terms of material the natural stone, wood and fabrics are contrasted by the aluminium structures and plastic spot lights, the space itself extends from below ground level and into infinite heights, and the majority of the image is illuminated by the sun.
The resident of the building is an artist who is doing research into the UFO-phenomenon, with C.G Jung’s wonderful book Flyings Saucers: a modern myth of things seen in the sky as her primary material. She also does the job of providing a sense of scale to the image, of course.

Somewhat ironically, the resident appears to be abducted in the night time scene:


The detail shot is a more minimal approach to the theme, but still contains the key elements; the earth; the sun(light) and the materials used to represent them:


Beauty + Wireframe



Object breakdown
This wicker bowl chair is a background element and thus has quite simple materials.


A cayenne plant was modelled from a real life reference to make sure it didn’t look too healthy in this desert environment.


The Go table is a foreground element and a little more effort has gone into the wooden material of the bowls (the table itself is only really textured to be seen from one angle).