Song to the Siren (Cover art)

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One last project this year! This is the cover art for Song to the Siren, an adventure for Coriolis being prepared by Effekt for the forthcoming Free League Workshop.

Gasping Angel

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The Gasping Angel, or sometimes The Yawning Angel, on a journey to devour, filter and refine noble gases like a whale eating plankton.

Each space ship concept is an opportunity to try out new workflows and for this one I created the initial design with NURBS in MoI3D.

Is Shadow Ray

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Is Shadow Ray is a new video about seeing and seeing seeing, among other things. Magic is easy if you know the words…

Lounge piece

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This is a new iteration of an older work that was one of many parts of the interactive art project Hotel Ricasol. I consider it a (case) study of hotel aesthetics and ethos.

Mango mandala

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This image was created for the performance event Närhetens distans 6275 km till dig by Nayab Ikram. T’was nice to try out some toon shading in Cycles with a mix of procedural and hand-painted textures. And the finished result features a cool water mark too.

Coriolis Station

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My take on the Iconic space station from Coriolis – The Third Horizon. Quite an interesting shading and lighting challenge.


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Another sci-fi ship concept exploring another workflow for its conception. This time I drew thumbnail silhouettes to come up with the shape, the silhouette I used can be seen below:

Black Swallow

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This little bird is another sci-fi ship concept made for use in Coriolis – The Third Horizon, and it’s nesting in a lavish Salakhad hangar in the Monolith, overlooking a hazy Conglomerate.

The Pearl

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A 1979 Saab 96GL with custom paint job that my dad used to drive, recreated in Blender and with Substance Painter. Below is a quick’n’dirty Eevee turntable animation to boot.

Xenonauts laser pistol

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I love the indie game Xenonauts, and this is essentially fan art. I created the 3D model based on the 2D sprite from the game and tried to extrapolate the retro-futuristic cold war aesthetic with a simple scene. The original concept art was made by rmory studios for Goldhawk Interactive.

One last detail before waking up (Dream Visualization 2)

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This is the second part of a series where I recreate parts of my dreams with the help of computer graphics. In this case it is the very last moments of a dream where the initial inputs of my waking senses started to bleed through, heralding the impending transition from one state of consciousness to another.

In the process of recreating this scene it became clear how much it is pieced together from previous experiences and impressions, and I was able to identify several. I continued this practice as I filled in the blanks, but restrained myself from straying to far from the actual memory and the sketch I did after waking up (see below).

Staying true to the dream, I made the walls of the room partially translucent, and all the light is coming from the outside. This, in combination with all the motionblur and depth of field resulted in pretty long rendertimes in Cycles, but the result is quite accurate. Thanks to MakeHuman -awesome tool- I was able to very quickly create the people moving around the scene.


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Bhamut is the next in line of sci-fi ship concept made for use in Coriolis – The Third Horizon.

Shoutout to Mark Kingsnorth; I used his Nebula node group to create the background.


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Tanapur is another sci-fi ship concept made for use in Coriolis – The Third Horizon.

Hand pose

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This is a short looping animation created in collaboration with Boy Konsthall and based on the project My Protestant Origins and Catholic Fantasies
by Inga Gerner Nielsen (DK).


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Kawun is another sci-fi ship concept made for use in Coriolis – The Third Horizon.

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