Recalling Sadaf

One of the first projects I did in 3D was a visualization of a fictive spaceship that I proudly benamed Sadaf (which, if I’m not mistaken, is Persian for ‘Shell’). I made it for use in the swedish pen & paper RPG Coriolis, and co-developed a background story for it together with other fans of that game at the Fria Ligan forums. In the spirit of classic starships like The Millenium Falcon, Sadaf is an old and mysterious courier-type vessel that has had numerous captains over the years, and with each of them new secrets and mysteries added.

The model was made in Sketchup, which is not ideal for this type of project and took me quite some time, and rendered using Kerkythea. Why? Because I didn’t know about any other free software at the time. Technical things aside, I am quite happy with the design of the ship, which borrows a lot from the indie game FTL, and I hope to return to this project at some point using Blender instead.