One last detail before waking up (Dream Visualization 2)

This is the second part of a series where I recreate parts of my dreams with the help of computer graphics. In this case it is the very last moments of a dream where the initial inputs of my waking senses started to bleed through, heralding the impending transition from one state of consciousness to another.

In the process of recreating this scene it became clear how much it is pieced together from previous experiences and impressions, and I was able to identify several. I continued this practice as I filled in the blanks, but restrained myself from straying to far from the actual memory and the sketch I did after waking up (see below).

Staying true to the dream, I made the walls of the room partially translucent, and all the light is coming from the outside. This, in combination with all the motionblur and depth of field resulted in pretty long rendertimes in Cycles, but the result is quite accurate. Thanks to MakeHuman -awesome tool- I was able to very quickly create the people moving around the scene.